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Racing This Saturday, April 17th - Small Cars - 3:00 p.m.

Upcoming Events... 


* Saturday, April 17th - Spring Championship Series Race 3 - plus Vintage Car Open.  

Saturday, April 17th - Race Program - Order of Events.

Small Cars – Pit gates open at 1:00 p.m. Big Cars – Pits officially open at 3:00 p.m.

Saturday, April 17th - Race Program - Order of Events & Pricing.

* please note – the small car teams will park off of turn 2 for their earlier racing program…this way teams running the night portion of the racing program do not have to arrive for the early gate times and will have the normal parking spaces available when they arrive later in the day…we are splitting this up so both small and big car teams are not forced to have to be on site for many hours watching all of the divisions…your pit pass is good for all racing during the day and night so the option is there if you are associated with a small car and big car team as well…Vintage Cars are also encouraged to park off of turn 2.

Small Cars

1:00 p.m. Pit gates open –

2:15 p.m. Practice in the following order: All-Star Slingshots, Junior Slingshots, FWD Four Cylinders.

3 p.m. Pit gates open for Big Cars.

3 p.m. All-Star Slingshot Heats – (8 laps).

FWD Four Cylinder Novice Heats – (4 laps).

Junior Slingshot Heats – (6 laps).

FWD Expert Heats – (8 laps).

600 Modified Hot Laps

All-Star Slingshot Feature – (20 laps).

FWD Four Cylinder Novice Feature – (12 laps).

Junior Slingshot Feature – (15 laps).

600 Modified Heats (8 laps).

FWD Four Cylinder Expert Feature – (15 laps).


Big Cars

5:15 p.m. Practice in the following order: Crate Sportsman, Vintage Late Models, Street Stocks, Futures Sportsman, Vintage Mods, Factory Stocks, Vintage Sportsman.

6:00 p.m. Vintage Sportsman Heats (6 laps) 2 heats

Vintage Late Models Heat (6 laps) 1 heat

Street Stock Heats – (8 laps).

Vintage Modified Heats (6 laps) 2 heats

600 Modified Feature - (20 laps) (victory lane immediately after).

Crate Sportsman Heats – (8 laps).

Factory Stock Heats – (6 laps).

Futures Crate Sportsman Heats – (8 laps).

Vintage Late Model Feature (15 laps).

Vintage Sportsman Feature (20 laps).

Vintage Modified Feature (20 laps).

Factory Stock Feature (min. $300 to win) - (20 laps).

Victory Lanes

Crate Sportsman Feature - $1,000 to win (25 laps).

Futures Crate Sportsman Feature (20 laps).

Street Stock Feature - $500 to win (25 laps).

* order subject to change as needed…

** Full points being awarded toward Spring Championship in all classes…

Pit Passes: $40 good for all racing.

For more information please phone the Five Mile Point Speedway offices at 607-775-5555 or log on to Email – [email protected]


We have very good news for our pit participants for the 2021 racing season.  We will be requiring a one-time $10 Pit Participant Card this season. Everyone must have this once and just present it weekly upon arrival. This will replace the $60 Membership that was sold in the past.  The Pit Participant Card is required and only needs to be purchased one time only.  Teams will no longer have to possess the pit membership card for season ending awards. With this, individuals will only be required to fill out the Covid-19 release form one a one time basis versus having to fill it out weekly like last season.  We will not be requiring a $60 pit membership for awards eligibility.  Having the Pit Participant Card and us having the contact tracing information will meet necessary requirements for pit entry required by NYS.  This will also alleviate the long process for each team to enter the pit area in 2021.  We will still be only selling pit passes at your vehicle.  The pit booth will remain closed so teams can remain in their personal vehicle to fill out the needed paperwork each.  The Covid Form and Pit Participant Form can be filled out ahead of time but must be signed at the speedway with a witness at any of the pre-season practices or race events. Click here for the Covid-19 Release Form. Click here for the 2021 Participant Card Form.

Spring Championship Series Slated...

Five Mile Point Speedway will begin the 71st consecutive season of racing with a five-week Spring Championship Series at the speedway beginning on Saturday, April 3rd and culminating on Saturday, May 1st. The five-week series will mirror the highly competitive fall series that was hosted at the end of last year.

On Saturday, May 8th the speedway will host a chicken bbq awards outing for the teams that competed in the 2020 campaign as well as the Spring Championship Series. That evening will also see an open practice session for all of the classes gearing up for the regular season. A brand new regular season of racing will begin on Saturday, May 15th including weekly Sunoco Big Block/Small Block Modifieds. A brand new point season will begin on Saturday, May 15th for all of the weekly classes.

The 2021 Spring Championship Series will again see a late afternoon program for the small cars (600 Modifieds, All-Star/Junior Slingshots and FWD Four Cylinders) followed by an early evening card of racing that will include the 602 Crate Sportsman, Street Stocks, Factory Stocks and Futures Crate Sportsman.

spring series continued...

The season is slated to officially begin with two open practice days on Saturday, March 20th and Saturday, March 27th. The 71st Season Opening race will take place on Saturday, April 3rd with the Crate Sportsman running the Annual Cold Cracker for GRIT Sportsman. On Saturday, April 10th the All-Star and Junior Slingshots will compete in an Empire Series event for the classes which will serve as a huge show for those teams. Saturday, April 17th will be highlighted with a Vintage Car Open. The Spring Championship will be settled on Saturday, May 1st.  

This upcoming week shows weather and temperatures expected to moderate in the Southern Tier. We fully expect to be hosting our practices on Saturday, March 20th and March 27th. Our tire shipment was delayed due to snow on Friday and will arrive this week. We will have plenty of upcoming details including the full regular season schedule in the weeks to come. 

2020 Fall Championship - Champions!

2020 Season Long Track Champions!

Mandatory weekly pit entrance form can be printed and completed prior to arriving...Now Updated For  11/7/2020...

Saturday, November 7th   

Event/Covid/'Tracing Form.

must be signed to compete!

We have a form that will need to be signed upon entrance in to the pits.  You are encouraged to print it ahead of time completed to turn in.  You can print a copy by clicking the form below.

Click For Form

Saturday, November 7th  

Event/Covid - 19 Guidelines


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Dan Creeden 56th Heath Memorial Modified Winner...

Dan Creeden 56th Heath Memorial Winner.

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New "Futures" Crate Sportsman Announced. 

The New Futures Crate Sportsman Class continues this Saturday, August 1st.

We recognize for a new team (and at one point everyone has been a new driver) the best way to improve is having time on the track. This Saturday we will continue the "Futures Sportsman Division". This is for any team that may be starting out or is even uncomfortable running with the speeds that the more experienced teams have on the track.

Every year we watch drivers quit because they don't have the time on the track to improve. That can be very frustrating for newcomers knowing they get waved off the track after only a few laps. This will allow anyone that wants to run in that class to do so. It will be low pressure and about helping you gain experience. The Futures Sportsman will get a heat race and 15 to 20 lap feature pending on car count. There will be a victory lane award and photo. We will pay the top three finishers $100, $50, $50.

We hope this encourages new teams because they are intimidated with the more experienced teams. We highly encourage some of our experienced teams to reach out to the "Futures Drivers" and offer them some setup tips. If you are an experienced team try to look back and remember how hard it was for you when you didn't know how your car would react to changes.

Thank you again to everyone that was on hand this past Saturday and we hope to see you all back this week. We do appreciate it.

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Benke and Klinger Record Twin Insinger Performance Crate Sportsman Wins on 7/18.

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Ray Leonard (3) raced to the win Saturday, June 20th.

Gary Smith (7up) June 27th Sportsman Winner.

Monday, July 27th - 

Order of Racing Events. 

This Monday's order of events have been posted - please click below...

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June 20th Feature Winners.

D & J Fotos.

June 27th Feature Winners. 

D & J Fotos.

Mike Colsten Remembered

General Race Information. ​

Monday, July 27th rain date Tue. if needed.

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Saturday Race Sponsor Support.

A number of local businesses and sponsors have added bonus money to some of the divisions this Saturday.

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Five Mile Point Speedway was featured on NASCAR America.

Racing action at Five Mile Point Speedway - like no other...

Track Photographer: Dawn Maynard 

2020 Weekly Racing to Feature - Modifieds, Crate Sportsman, Factory Stocks, FWD Four Cylinder Expert/Novice, 600 Mods and Juniors...

Five Mile Point Speedway recently participated in the Town of Kirkwood "Hometown Christmas" as the track laid under a blanket of snow!

New Clay Surface Put In Place During Late Nov. Early Dec. 2017