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Saturday, July 28th Feature Winners. photos by D & J Fotos. 






KIRKWOOD, NY…Donnie Elliott recorded his first Modified victory of the season on Saturday at Five Mile Point Speedway.  The 30 lap feature event went caution free.  James Cornell was the winner of the annual “Little Mike’s Race to Win” race worth $1,000 and honoring the memory of former Track Champion Mike Stolarcyk, III.  Over 130 race teams once again jammed the Five Mile Point Speedway pit area on Saturday.


Elliott and Glenn Knapp led the Modified starting field to the green flag for the start of the 30 lap feature event.  The start proved to be important as Elliott got the advantage immediately.  Elliott ultimately led all 30 laps wire to wire in the caution free event but a late race challenge from Shuan Walker and tricky lapped traffic certainly made the final laps exciting. 


During the early stages of the Modified main Elliott opened up his lead quickly.  Walker wasted no time as he advanced from fourth to second in the first two laps.  Brian Weaver also followed his lead as he moved from fifth to third on the first two laps.  A number of terrific battles took place throughout the field as the racy and wide quarter mile surface provided for excellent racing action.


With the race going caution free Elliott first approached lapped traffic on lap 16 as he worked past David Doig, Jr.  Both Elliott and Walker were glued to the bottom of the speedway as it was another five laps before the leaders caught Brad Shaffer.  Once Elliott worked to the inside of Shaffer and moved past he again opened his advantage.  Shaffer was fast on the top as Walker struggled to clear him in the pursuit of Elliott. It took Walker until lap 28 to make his way past Shaffer and he immediately locked in on the race leader Elliott.  On the final two laps Walker pulled within striking distance but ran out of time as Elliott collected win number one on the season.  For Walker, the second place finish was his best of the season with Weaver taking third at the stripe.  Two-time winner Joey Colsten finished fourth with Nick Rochinski advancing from eighth to fifth at the finish.  The point lead battle between Rusty Smith and Brian Malcolm was won by Malcolm on this night.  Malcolm finished seventh with Smith settling for eleventh at the finish.


The annual “Little Mike’s Race to Win” for UMP/IMCA style Modifieds is always a very special event at the speedway.  The race honors former Track Champion Mike Stolarcyk, III who passed away nine years ago.  James Cornell brought out his Chuck Akulis paint scheme “Pink Panther” body for this special event.  The throwback paint scheme brought back a lot of memories for race fans in what is already an emotion filled race each year.  On the track Cornell took the lead on lap 1 from his fourth starting slot and led every lap.  Much like the Modified race a late race charge by second place runner Jake Maynard proved to be exciting during the final two laps.  Maynard closed the gap over the final laps but was not able to make a serious bid for the win.  For Cornell the victory was worth $1,000 and very emotional.  This is a race that everyone wants to win.  In addition to the emotion of the annual race for James Cornell it was even more meaningful as the victory was dedicated to his mom who is battling very serious health issues currently.   The race was slowed by only one caution.


Tim Howell raced to his first Crate Sportsman victory of the season on Saturday.  He held off Kyle Pierce over the final laps to record the win.  Pierce finished second after starting sixth.  Current point leader Alex Yankowski finished third after starting ninth.  Matt Cole was doing “double duty” also racing in the “Little Mike’s Race to Win”.  Cole collected fourth in this one.  Rookie Tyler Peet had another strong drive for fifth place at the finish.


Ray Lindquist recorded his second Street Stock victory of the season.  Richie Hitzler was the Xcel 600 Modified Tour race winner.  Jimmy DiFulvio was the Lightning Cat Expert race winner with Steve Lunn winning the Novice feature.  Tommy Groover was a first time winner in the Factory Stocks with Joshua Landers winning the Junior Xcel Modified race.


Five Mile Point Speedway is silent this Saturday, August 4th but roars back to action with double Modified features and a full racing program on Saturday, August 11th.


MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (30):  DONNIE ELLIOTT, Shaun Walker, Brian Weaver, Joey Colsten, Nick Rochinski, Mike Colsten, Brian Malcolm, Glenn Knapp, Brian Puckett, Travis Smith, Rusty Smith, P.J. Goodwin, Byron Worthing, Aleia Geisler, Brad Rothaupt, Brad Shaffer, Dave Doig Jr., Larry Beers, Thomas Furguson, Randy Brokaw.  DNS – Dan Solomon, Barry White.


CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  TIM HOWELL, Kyle Pierce, Alex Yankowski, Matt Cole, Tyler Peet, Devon Zona, Tom Hampton, Leo McGurrin, Blaine Klinger, Randy Fox, Joe Guastella, Tanner Harpell, Nate Brinker, Mark Goodwin, Dan Burman, Todd Titus, Russell Benke, Brad Cicio, Matthew Addona, Jeremy Williams, John Redner, Kinser Hill, Arthur Bray, Meckenzie Marsh. 


LITTLE MIKE’S RACE TO WIN FOR UMP STYLE MODIFIEDS:  JAMES CORNELL, Jake Maynard, Gary Roberts, Tyler Stoddard, Matt Cole, Jason Benjamin, Bill Nichols, Beau Ballard, Lenny Miller.


STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  RAY LINDQUIST, Buck Mills Sr., Tyler Yeagle, Doug Polhamus, Doug Stack Sr., Doug Stack Jr., Jarrad Dennis, Kevin Garland, Matt Bowman, Keith Beach, James Sykes, Bob Mills.


XCEL 600 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  RICHIE HITZLER, Bailey Boyd, Josh Pepe, D.J. Hunt, Travis Fichter, Dakota Anderson, Geoffrey Sutton, Ray Gradwell, Shawna Schibilia, Mike Wilcha, Robert Martin, Chase Scutt, Grant Schibilia, James Randall, Chelsee Beebe, Hunter Deihl, Damon Henry, Tyler James, Tyler Smith, Nolan Smith, Gabby Meixell, Adam Mudge, Scott Landers, John McKilligan, Eric Boyd.  DNS – Jess Michel.


LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  JIMMY DIFULVIO, Nick Kennedy, Kenny Underwood, Bob Kress, Jake Maynard, Dave Simms, Brian Salmini, Josh Wilder, Mat Mather, Caleb Lacy, Don Doster Jr., Mike Ferris, Tucker Harpell.  DNS – Billy Maynard.  


LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12):  STEVE LUNN, Walter Decker, Randy Lane, Brandon Gumar, Mike Stark, Bethany Bertram, Ashley Slater, Cory Brown, Jason Colwell Jr., John Maynard.  DNS – Billy Colwell.


FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15):  TOM GROOVER, Charlie Towner, Andy Brigham, Charlie Gilbert, Buck Mills Jr., Justin Slezak, Carter Dennis, Kevin McDonald, Adam Gilbert, Alan Komar, Gregg Turner, Steve Mower, Sheldon Whitman.  DNS – Don Reeves.






MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH LINEUP AFTER 8 LAPS (Will be finished on Saturday, August 11th with complete show): Barry White, Nick Rochinski, Donnie Elliott, Glenn Knapp, Mike Colsten, Joey Colsten, Tyler Siri, Brian Malcolm, Byron Worthing, Brian Puckett, Randy Green, Grant Hilfiger, P.J. Goodwin, Rusty Smith, Shaun Walker, Aleia Geisler, Dan Solomon, Joe Krum, David Doig Jr., Travis Smith. DNS – Brian Weaver.

CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): LEO MCGURRIN, Matt Cole, Kyle Pierce, Tanner Harpell, Russell Benke, Tyler Peet, Alex Yankowski, Ryan McCartney, Tom Hampton, Tim Howell, Randy Brokaw, Devon Zona, Randy Fox, Troy Arnold, Tom Collins Jr., Blaine Klinger, Jeremy Williams, Joe Guastella, Todd Titus, Jason Feinberg, Mark Goodwin, Brad Cicio.

STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): TYLER YEAGLE, Matt Bowman, Ray Lindquist, Doug Polhamus, Jeff Emanuel, George Miller, Colby Miller, James Sykes.

XCEL 600 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): JOHN AYRE, Eric Boyd, Mike Wilcha, Tyler Bartik, Damon Henry, Matthew Warner, Tyler Smith, Chelsie Beebe, Shawna Schibilia, Jarrett Sechrist, Bailey Boyd, Nolan Smith, Rich Christman, Adam Mudge, Doug Lattner, John McKilligan, James Randall.

LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15): JAKE MAYNARD, Kenny Underwood, Bob Kress, Dave Simms, Josh Wilder, Mat Mather, Brian Salmini, Don Doster Jr., Caleb Lacy, Jimmy DiFulvio, Nick Kennedy, Tucker Harpell, Dave Bainbridge.

LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12): WALTER DECKER, Randy Lane, Jason Colwell Jr., Bethany Bertram, John Maynard, Jarrod Hislop, Ashley Slater, Mike Stark, Jim Backowski. DNS – Cory Brown – DQ – Steve Lunn

FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (15): ANDY BRIGHAM, Charlie Towner, Gregg Turner, Matt Millard, Justin Slezak, Alan Komar, Charlie Gilbert, Sheldon Whitman. DNS – Steve Mower, Steve Simpson, Adam Gilbert.


QUICK NOTES…Track officials and the race teams did an outstanding job to complete as much of the race program as possible. Teams were ready for their events and no victory lanes were conducted in attempt to complete the entire racing program on Saturday as rain was literally all around the speedway the entire evening. The Modified main event will be finished on Saturday, August 11th along with a full program of racing. The extra racing program with the “Little Mike’s Race to Win” and added Xcel Modified Tour race makes July 28th too busy of a schedule to finish on that evening. Andy Brigham recorded his first ever Factory Stock win. Tyler Yeagle recorded the Street Stock win seven years to the date of his first ever win at FMP. Aubrey Ayre was a first time winner in the Junior Xcel Modifieds and her dad John Ayre was the Xcel Modified 600 winner. Jake Maynard recorded the win in the Cat Experts with Walter Decker taking win number 3 in the Novice.


Anthony Perrego Now Three For Three In Modified Sunday Summer Slam at Five Mile Point Speedway.


Brian Malcolm Notches First FMP Modified Win of the Season.

KIRKWOOD, NY…Brian Malcolm returned to Modified victory lane at Five Mile Point Speedway on Saturday for the first time in several years. His victory came in dominating fashion as he led 27 of the 30 laps in the main event. Alex Yankowski returned to victory lane for the second time this season after a late race pass of Brad Cicio in the Crate Sportsman 20 lap feature event.  click here for more...





MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (30): JOEY COLSTEN, Rusty Smith, Kevin Bates, Nick Rochinski, Brian Weaver, Brian Malcolm, Brian Puckett, Donnie Elliott, Matt Roberts, Travis Smith, Mike Colsten, Brian White, P.J. Goodwin, Barry White, Eric Bonham, Aleia Geisler, Dom Roselli, David Doig Jr., Brad Szulewski, Dan Solomon, Glenn Knapp, Tyler Siri, Shaun Walker, Sam Allen.

CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): ALEX YANKOWSKI, Randy Fox, Tanner Harpell, Matt Cole, Devon Zona, Blaine Klinger, Tim Howell, Todd Titus, Tommy Collins, Joe Guastella, Pat Jordan, Tyler Peet, Arthur Bray, Kyle Pierce, Leo McGurrin, Brad Cicio, Mark Goodwin, Bobby Flood, Tom Hampton.

STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): TYLER YEAGLE, Ray Lindquist, Matt Bowman, Keith Beach, Jim Sykes, Jeff Emanuel, Doug Polhamus, Dave Brown.

XCEL 600 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): KOREY INGLIN, Bailey Boyd, Tyler Smith, Travis Fichter, Rich Christman, Kevin VanValkenburg, Geoffrey Sutton, Damon Henry, Shawna Schibilia, Dakota Anderson, Chelsie Beebe, Dominick Amato, Jessica Michel, Adam Mudge, Eric Boyd.

LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE (15): NICK KENNEDY, Jake Maynard, Bob Kress, Tucker Harpell, Kenny Underwood, Brian Salmini, Mat Mather, Casey McPherson, Dave Bainbridge, Frank Smith, Chuck Chrysler, Jimmy DiFulvio, Caleb Lacey, Josh Wilder, Dave Simms. DNS – Adam Gilbert, Jason Colwell Sr.

FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): GREGG TURNER, Josh Towner, Charlie Towner, Charlie Gilbert, Josh Wilber, Chuck Culbertson, Alan Komar, Andy Brigham, Matt Millard, Cyrus Homer, Justin Slezak., DNS – Dustin Fassett, Sheldon Whitman.

LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12): RANDY LANE, Steve Lunn, Mike Stark, Jason Colwell Jr., Edwin King, Bethany Bertram, John Maynard, Marisol Torrens, Noah Seidel, Cory Brown, Ashley Slater, Brian Beach. DQ – Walter Decker.

Saturday, May 5th photos by
D & J Fotos...





KIRKWOOD, NY…Joey Colsten officially opened the 68th season at Five Mile Point Speedway with a win in the 30 lap Modified feature. For Colsten, the $1,500 victory was his first on opening day and gives him his first ever point lead in the standings. One hundred and twenty-nine race teams flooded the pit area along with a large crowd on hand for the official lid lifter. The quarter mile oval is idle this weekend but roars back to life on Saturday, May 19th with the annual “Pack the Track Night” at the speedway.

ColSten and Rusty Smith led Modified field to the green flag for the 30 lap main event on Saturday. Both drivers have historic racing roots at the speedway. Joey is the son of Southern Tier legend and Dirt Hall of Fame member Mike Colsten. Rusty Smith’s grandfather is one of the original 50 Greatest Driver’s at Five Mile Point Speedway and his father also had a storied asphalt racing career.

The start of the Modified feature got off to a rough start as back to back cautions were thrown before a lap was scored in the record books. The first caution occurred when cars at the front of the field slowed causing a chain reaction tangle on the homestretch. The wreck eliminated last year’s point runner-up Tyler Siri. On the restart Dan Solomon lost the handle in turn 3 collecting Dom Roselli and Barry White. Roselli retired pit side as Solomon and White regrouped at the back of the field.

Things didn’t get much better in the early going as four cautions flew during the first four laps. Once the opening night jitters settled down the racing was excellent. Colsten and Smith put on a great display at the lead of the field as the battled side by side for the race lead for numerous laps. On lap 7 defending track champion Kevin Bates slowed brining out the yellow flag and headed to the pits. Bates did return without losing a lap.

Upfront the great racing between Colsten and Smith continued as several battles among the top drivers occurred. Shaun Walker, Randy Green, Brad Szulewski, Brian Weaver and Nick Rochinski all raced for position up front as the leaders opened up their command on the field. On lap 11 Glenn Knapp wound up spun in turn two and retired for the night. The action throughout the field was intense as the competition this season is like no other year in recent memory. Colsten continued his fast lap times and Smith tried to maintain his second slot.

On lap 17 Smith made a strong low side bid for the race lead as Colsten ran his line in the middle of the speedway. On the next circuit the yellow flew twice with Colsten just edging out Smith to maintain his race lead. The second yellow came on the restart when fourth place runner Green had electrical issues causing his motor to shut down. This triggered a multi-car tangle that ended the night for Green, Weaver, Brian Puckett and Mike Colsten.

On the restart the shape of the race took a different look. Walker got a great restart and darted past Smith for second place as the large crowd expected the two-time Modified champion to make a bid for the lead. Colsten was up to the challenge as Walker got close over the remaining ten laps but could never make a serious bid for the race lead. Colsten went on for his first opening day victory at the speedway. Walker made it known that he is back to contend for his third title with the runner-up finish. Smith ended up third with Szulewski (2016 Summer Slam Champion) followed by Rochinski (last year’s Summer Slam Champion). Mike Butler quietly advanced from his fifteenth starting spot to finish sixth. Brian Malcolm rallied from the lap 1 caution that found him restarting twenty-third to finish seventh. Bates charged late after pitting to finish eighth. Tyler Boniface looked strong with his ninth place finish and Barry White also had a strong comeback from the earlier race caution to finish tenth.

Tommy Collins needed all twenty laps to record his third consecutive Crate Sportsman victory on Saturday night in a wild finish. Tanner Harpell and Brad Cicio started on the front row of the twenty lapper. Harpell charged out to the race lead at the drop of the green. Todd Titus immediately took second place at the green as Collins began chase. Collins wasted no time in taking over the second slot on lap 2 from Titus as the battle for the lead immediately commenced. The caution flew on lap 10 for the final time. Cicio had driveline problems throughout the race and went to the pits during this caution. Harpell and Collins continued to set the pace out front. Both were running the low side of the speedway lap after lap. Harpell kept his lead and was able to lock the car down in turns three and four.

In turns one and two he left enough room for Collins to make multiple bids for the race lead. Harpell was up to the challenge as he continued to set the pace. On lap 19 Harpell again left a half of lane open in turn one and Collins went for the lead. Collins made contact with the race leader and eventually took the lead as Pat Jordan charged to try and pass both. The contact between the leaders slowed their momentum and Jordan may have won the race if he stayed on the high side. Instead he went to fill the gap up front and drove into the side of Harpell as well. This allowed Collins to pull ahead and Harpell managed to hang on for second. Jordan’s contact broke his own ride as he dropped several spots on the last lap. Matt Cole charged for third at the wire with Titus and Randy Fox rounding out the top five. Jordan ultimately ended up eighth, the same spot he started. Fox had started ninth for his top five finish. Rookie Blaine Klinger was impressive with his sixth place finish and last year’s “Rookie of the Year” Leo McGurrin was seventh. Tim Howell and Greg McCloskey rounded out the top ten.

Defending Street Stock Track Champion Doug Polhamus picked up where he left off with the victory in the 20 lap feature event. Polhamus took the lead on lap 1 and never looked back leading wire to wire. Defending Factory Stock Track Champion Eric Beach rallied from a lap one caution and charged from the back for the runner-up finish. Ray Lindquist had a great run to finish third after starting in tenth place. Doug Stack, Jr. and Tyler Yeagle rounded out the very competitive top five.

The Xcel 600 Modified division made their weekly return to the speedway on Saturday and it was Bailey Boyd dominating the action. Boyd took the lead on lap two from race leader Damon Henry and led the balance of the 20 lap feature. Korey Inglin finished second and was able to close the gap over the final laps but not able to make a serious challenge for the win. Will Eastman, Hunter Diehl and Kevin VanValenburg rounded out the top five.

Veteran racer Charlie Gilbert returned to the weekly racing wars in the Factory Stock division on Saturday. Gilbert showed that he still knows how to get around the quarter mile by winning the 15 lap feature event. Gilbert took the lead from Gregg Turner on lap 4 and led the balance. Turner ended up second with Cyrus Homer, Charlie Towner and Kevin McDonald completing the top five.

Defending Lightning Cat Expert Track Champion Nick Kennedy made it three in a row on Saturday in a wild three wide finish for the win. Jimmy DiFulvio took the lead from Kennedy on lap 8 and looked to be on his way for the win when the car slowed exiting turn four on the final lap. This allowed both Kennedy and a hard charging Bob Kress to ultimately split DiFulvio at the finish line. Kennedy had just enough to edge out DiFulvio for the win with Kress finishing third. The three were only separated by a foot at the finish. Jake Maynard rebounded from a lap 1 caution to finish third with Dave Simms taking fifth after starting eighth.

Ivan Cuerra raced to his first ever Five Mile Point Speedway in the Lightning Cat Novice division feature. Cuerra took the lead from “Downtown Cory Brown” on lap 6 and led the rest of the 12 lap feature. Brown finished second with John Maynard, Mike Stark and Randy Lane finishing fifth.

COUNTER PONTS…Five Mile Point Speedway opened for the 68th consecutive year on Saturday with a huge field of race teams and large and enthusiastic crowd on hand…The foam blocks got a work out in multiple hard impacts in turns one and two on Saturday…Fortunately they did their job and all of the drivers walked away…A very scary moment for rookie Xcel 600 driver Chelsey Beebe as she went full throttle in to the turn 1 foam blocks in her qualifying event…Beebe was shaken but exited the car under her own power in what could have been a very bad incident without the foam blocks in place…Again the new clay surface held the text with the first full night of racing…The ultra-smooth and racy quarter mile oval provided multiple lanes of racing with zero tire wear again…Joey Colsten won the Modified feature event with nearly 100 laps of racing already on his tires…Brian Malcolm also raced from the rear of the field to seventh on tires that had similar laps on them with no wear…Dave VanBuren took advantage of his alternate position in the Modified division, started last and drove to a fourteenth place finish…Brian White returned to FMP after several Open Sportsman Track Championships…White looked good in his heat race qualifying for the re-draw…Unfortunately White scratched the car prior the feature with motor issues…

MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (30): JOEY COLSTEN ($1,500), Shaun Walker, Rusty Smith, Brad Szulewski, Nick Rochinski, Mike Butler, Brian Malcolm, Kevin Bates, Tyler Boniface, Barry White, P.J. Goodwin, Donnie Elliott, Eric Bonham, Dave VanBuren, Randy Green, Brian Weaver, Brian Puckett, Aleia Geisler, Mike Colsten, Glenn Knapp, Dan Solomon, Travis Smith, Dom Roselli, Tyler Siri. DNS – Brian White, Brian Franko, David Doig Jr., Brad Weaver.

CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): TOMMY COLLINS, Tanner Harpell, Matt Cole, Todd Titus, Randy Fox, Blaine Klinger, Leo McGurrin, Pat Jordan, Tim Howell, Greg McCloskey, Devon Zona, Kyle Pierce, Russell Benke, Jeremy Williams, Brandon Fritsch, Philip Clapper, Aaron Shelton, Brad Cicio, Arthur Bray, Matt Brewer, Tyler Peet. DNS – Tom Hampton, Jonathon French.

STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): DOUG POLHAMUS, Eric Beach, Ray Lindquist, Doug Stack Jr., Tyler Yeagle, Matt Bowman, James Sykes, Jeff Manuel, Doug Stack Sr., Fred Christ, Kevin Garland, Brett Relyea.

XCEL 600 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): BAILEY BOYD, Korey Inglin, Will Eastman, Hunter Deihl, Kevin VanValkenburg, Rich Christman, Mike Wilcha, Tyler Smith, Adam Mudge, Shawna Schibilia, Keith Inglin, Dakota Anderson, Damon Henry, Eric Boyd, Geoffery Sutton. DNS – Chelsey Beebe.

LIGHTNING CAT EXPERT OFFICIAL FEATURE (15): NICK KENNEDY, Jimmy DiFulvio, Bob Kress, Jake Maynard, Dave Simms, Josh Wilder, Mat Mather, Kevin Whitman, Brian Salmini, Kenny Underwood, David Bainbridge, Rick Lunn, Jack Jones, Adam Gilbert, Jason Colwell Sr., Caleb Lacy, Frank Smith, Andy Bolles.

FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): CHARLIE GILBERT, Gregg Turner, Cyrus Homer, Charlie Towner, Kevin McDonald, Chuck Culbertson, Matt Millard, Dick Shaddock, Sheldon Whitman, Brent Shaddock, Andy Brigham, Nate Shay. DQ – Josh Wilbur.

LIGHTNING CAT NOVICE OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (12): IVAN CUERRA, Cory Brown, John Maynard, Michael Stark, Randy Lane, Bryant Beach, Edwin King Jr., Jason Colwell Jr., Bethany Bertman, Marisol Torrens, Ashley Slater, Walter Decker. DNS – Noah Seidel.

Once again in 2018 Jerry Higbie, Jr. from Hig Fab Chassis will give away a 2019 chassis at Five Mile Point Speedway.
The top ten drivers in the final Modified and Crate Sportsman point standings will be eligible for the season ending giveaway. 





GRIT SERIES CRATE SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (25): TOM COLLINS JR. ($1,000), Dale Welty, Dave Marcuccilli, Stacey Jackson, Corey Cormier, Josh Keesey, Will Shields, Tim Guild, Randy Fox, Randy Brokaw, Alex Yankowski, Bobby Peoples, Blaine Klinger, Tom Hampton, Rick Reynolds, Travis Green, David Schilling, Donnie Lawson, Kenny Peoples, Dustin Jordan, Todd Titus, Bobby Flood, Pat Jordan, Brandon Butler, Kinser Hill, Tyler Thompson. DNQ – Nate Brinker, A.J. Lord, Arthur Bray.

SUMMER SLAM STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (25): EARL ZIMMER, Shane Wolf Jr., Butch Green, Buck Mills Sr., Doug Polhamus, Doug Stack Jr., Gene Sharpsteen, Zane King Jr., Zack Mills, Kevin Garland, Jerry Lobdell, Kevin Beach, Tom Savercool.

FANTASTIC FIVE FOUR CYLINDER OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): BRYAN BATZEL, Jimmy DiFulvio, Adam Gilbert, Jake Maynard, Kenny Underwood, Quinn Wallis, Rich Wagner, Trevor Williams, Jeff Degroat, Mat Mather, Rick Lunn, Randy Lane, Greg Slater, Nick Kennedy, Kevin Whitman, Andy Bolles, Dave Donovan, Jeremy Warren, Brain Salmini, Josh Wilder. DNS – Mike Wilmot Jr., Dave Simms.

SUMMER SLAM XCEL 600 MODIFIED OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20): ADAM MUDGE, Kevin VanValkenburg, Doug Windhausen, Bailey Boyd, Korey Inglin, Keith Inglin, Jessica Micehl, Chelsie Lynn Poeese, Dominick Amato, Tyler Smith.


KIRKWOOD, NY…The Claude Garrison Memorial, Inc. American Legion post 1645 in Binghamton, NY was the site of the 2017 Annual Five Mile Point Speedway Awards Dinner. Kevin Bates from Lake Ariel, PA was honored as the 2017 Modified Track Champion at the historic speedway this past Saturday. A large gathering attended the annual dinner as all of the 2017 Track Champions were honored with our special awards presented throughout the evning as well. The 68th consecutive Five Mile Point Speedway racing season gets underway on Saturday, March 31st.

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New Clay Surface Put In Place During Late Nov. Early Dec.

Five Mile Point Speedway Banquet Set for Saturday, March 3rd.

Five Mile Point Speedway for sale or lease.
serious inquiries only please - phone
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owner financing possible...

The Great Crate Race -



SPORTSMAN OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (67):  KYLE ROHNER ($3,000), Tom Collins, Dale Welty, Fred Christ, Blaine Klinger, George Sanford, Garett Rushlow, Alex Yankowski, Jim Housworth, Dave Schilling, Moose Gulley, Nick Branning, Steve Babicek, Jeff Bubari, Dave Dubois, Marshall Balzer, Leo Fotopoulos Jr., Matt Cole, Joe Guastella Jr., Nick Guererri, T.J. Frost, Devon Zona,  Stacy Jackson.  DQ – Todd Hayward – Gamblers Bonus:  Kyle Rohner ($110), Marshall Balzer ($110).


FANTASTIC FIVE FRONT WHEEL DRIVE FOUR CYLINDER OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (40):  KENNY UNDERWOOD ($1,000), Adam Gilbert, Brian Salmini, Josh Wilder,  Rich Wanger, Randy Lane, Trevor Williams,  Mat Mather, Greg Slater, Rick Lunn, Justin Eldridge, Dan Bryant, Bob Kress, Phil Clapper, Zach Clapper, Casey McPherson, Dave  Simms, Jeremy Warren.  DNS -  Phil Burns, Joshua Case.  FANTASTIC FIVE FRONT WHEEL DRIVE FOUR CYLINDER CHAMPION:  KENNY UNDERWOOD.  Gamblers Bonus:  Kenny Underwood ($60), Rich Wagner ($60).


STREET STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (25):  DYLAN CECCE ($1,000), Earl Zimmer, Lanson Albanese, Doug Polhamus, Don Russell Jr., Ted Morseman, Trevor Dudley, Mike Wilbur, Shane Wolf Jr., Tyler Yeagle, Richard Post, Gene Sharpsteen, Ryan Krause, Damon Decker, Jacob Fowlston, Jeramy Doerr, Steve Polhamus, Dan Mazzarese, Dan Force, Buck Mills Sr., Kyle Stark, Shawn Boynton, Eric Beach, Doug Stack Jr., Kevin Garland, Shane Wolf Sr.  DNQ – Paul Donahue, Bryan Faulkner, Bobby Hall Jr., Josh Wilbur, Jason Duke,  Jimmy Gravit, Mike Chilson, Zach Mills,   – Gamblers Bonus:  Dylan Cecce, Gene Sharpsteen.


FACTORY STOCK OFFICIAL FEATURE FINISH (20):  TOM GROOVER ($400), Grayson Albanese, Jeremy Williams Nate Hill, Tim Parker, Jake Jones, Brad Rathburn Jr., Andy Brigham, Chuck Culbertson, Levi Frink, Eddie Goins, Jerry Lobdell, Buck Mills Sr., Ray Lindquist, Harry Marvin III, Josh Towner, Brent Shaddock, Charlie Towner.  DNS – Randy Fox, Josh Wilbur, Luke Arbogast.  Gamblers Bonus:  Tom Groover, Randy Fox.

KYLE ROHNER WINS GREAT CRATE RACE QUALIFIER ON SATURDAY, OCT. 7TH...Kyle Rohner took the first step to defending his 2016 Great Crate Race Victory, he gathered a guaranteed starting spot this past Saturday.  Rohner was the winner of the 30 lap Crate Sportsman event worth $2,000.  Click here to read more...

Anthony Perrego Records Third Victory of the Season in National Quarter Mile Dirt Track Championship Modified 35.

Anthony Perrego raced to his third Modified victory of the Season on Friday night for day 1 of the National Quarter Miler Dirt Track Championship Weekend.  Click here for more...

April 29th video racing highlights...

Street Stocks Return To Action This Saturday, May 6th....

First "Fantastic Five FWD Four Cylinder Race To Kenny Underwood.

KIRKWOOD, NY…A busy opening day of racing took place at Five Mile Point Speedway on Sunday and the support divisions put on some fantastic racing action on the quarter mile oval.  Kenny Underwood won the first event of the Fantastic Five Four Cylinder program at the speedway after starting last (24th) on the field.  (click here to read more)...

Great action racing photos from April 22nd by D & J Fotos, JGK Motorsports and Jim Brown.