* Thank you to everyone that 
attended our 
information meeting on Saturday!

* Annual Awards Dinner
 Friday, March 1st.
* Oakdale Mall Car Show
March 1st - 3rd.

Five Mile Point Speedway

Modified General Weight/Tire Rules:

Modifieds under361 cubic inches:  2,400 lbs. (after race no weight added)...

Modifieds 361 cubic inches and over:  2,500 lbs. (after race no weight added)...

American Racer Fronts - 33 or harder...

American Racer Rears - Left Rear - 44  /  Right Rear - 48


Rear Modified and Crate Sportsman Tires will be stamped with a track stamp for weekly competition.  This is not required for any Summer Slam event or for teams that don't compete on a weekly basis.  The stamp program is to help support our point fund for the weekly teams in competition.  

Open Sportsman Bonuses To Top Three Finishers Weekly  - 1st $150, / 2nd - $125, / 3rd - $100