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1.      Any front wheel drive 4 cylinder car is eligible.

2.      Stock original unibody with full floor, firewalls, trunks & inner fenders.

3.      Dash and steering must remain stock for the make and model.

4.      No convertibles, station wagoins, stwo seat sport cars, four-wheel drive, independent suspension allowed.

5.      Master kill switch mandatory. Must be placed between left side of steering wheel and roll bar. Must be clearly marked.

Engine, Transmission and Rear End:

1.      Stock motor for the make and model.

2.      Stock carburetor or fuel injection for the motor.

3.      Stock transmission for the make and model.

4.      Stock rear end for the make and model.

5.      Battery must remain under the hood.

6.      Must have stock suspension.

7.      Locked rear gears are permitted.

Gas Tank:

1.      GAS TANK CAN RMAIN STOCK IF IT IS AHEAD OF THE REAR AXLE. IF STOCK TANK IS BEHIND THE REAR AXLE THEN IT MUST BE REMOVED. A fuel cell or a boat tank (7 gallons maximum) must be mounted in the trunk area, covered and secured properly to replace the tank behind the axle. Because of the limited number of laps that the division competes it is not recommended to fill any gas tank in this division to the maximum capacity.

2.      All fuel lines must be properly secured.

3.      Must have firewall between driver’s compartment and the trunk area.

4.      Each car must have a fuel shot off valve clearly marked.

Tires and Wheels:

1.      Tires and wheels must be stock size for the model of the car.

2.      No racing tires or recaps permitted.

3.      No aggressive tread design permitted (example Blizzard, snow or ice winter tread).

General Rules:

1.      Roll bars MANDATORY: A FULL 6 POINT roll cage constructed of mild steel tubing is RECOMMENDED. Major tubes MUST be 1 ½ O.D. x. .090 wall thickness MINIMUM. The major tubes are all tubes in the six-point cage and the driver’s door bars. Driver and passenger openings MUST have 3 side bars with uprights. All roll cage bars in the driver’s area must be padded. Non flammable roll bar padding recommended.

2.      All glass must be removed (except windshield) and heavy approved screening placed in the windshield area.

3.      A window net on the driver door is mandatory.

4.      Doors must be welded or chained shut.

5.      Approved aluminum racing seat is mandatory. Stock drivers seat must be removed. Cars must have a 5-point racing seat belt harness, no more than 5 years old, securely fastened with bolts.

6.      Approved fire suit, helmet, fire proof face hood, fire proof gloves and neck brace are mandatory.

7.      All cars must be neatly and brightly painted. Dark cars are not recommended.

8.      Numbers must be painted on both sides of the car in a color offering a distinct contrast to the color of the car. Numbers must be legible – 3” wide and 18” high. 

9.      Front and rear tow hooks MANDATORY. 

10.  Safety is of the utmost importance in this division. Any car deemed unsafe or not meeting the approval of the technical inspectors will not be eligible to compete until proper changes are made.

11.  A minimum weight will be established.  

12.  All general race rules and those of competition apply to this division.

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