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Five Mile Point Speedway -   one of the most historic race tracks in America...

In July of 1951 Five Mile Point Speedway swung open it's gates for the first ever race held at the historic quarter mile oval. The dream of track founder Irving Heath had been realized.

Heath originally built the speedway with the idea of the property being a multi-use sports facility. During it's duration there were at times talks regarding semi-pro football being held in the infield area but it never materialized.

Over the years any event imaginable has been held including rodeo's, clam bakes, monster truck shows, car shows, charitable fund raisers, fairs and even a wedding.  

The racing program over the years has been one of the most historic in the entire United States. A "whose who" of racing have come through the gates of the speedway since July of 1951. The layout of the quarter mile oval has produced some of the most entertaining racing week in and week out since it's original opening day.

In 1965 Mr. Heath passed away and his wife Anna Heath carried on his dream and tradition of racing. Mrs. Heath leased the speedway for auto racing for several decades despite having many opportunities to sell the speedway for development. When approached to sell the speedway she would always ask, "Where would the boys race if I sold the track?"

During the fall of 2003 Mrs. Heath sold the speedway to her grandson "Heath" Andrew Harpell. Unfortunately, she passed away during the winter months of 2004 and was unable to witness the huge undertaking of facility improvements that took place in the years that followed.  

At the time of purchase, the speedway grounds had become dilapidated at the hands of the previous promotional team. Harpell immediately began to make major facility improvements, essentially completely rebuilding the facility. Major overhauls included new stadium lighting, all new fencing and poles. Every bleacher was replaced including an above ground metal grandstand. Walkways were paved and the backstretch area was cleaned up and developed into what serves as today's pit area. The track layout itself was transformed as well. as the concrete block retaining walls were put in place in the turns and the turns widened to make for the great racing seen today. In addition, an inner loop was built to help develop the skills of youngsters and future racing stars.  

Since the opening day in 1951 the speedway has seen the true greats of racing compete at the action packed quarter mile oval. Over two-million people have passed through the gates of the historic facility since it's July 1951 opening day. Over the year's times have changed but one local community constant has been the racing at Five Mile Point Speedway.  

Thank you to everyone that has purchased a ticket or pit pass or helped to make the speedway "The Home Speedway of The Southern TIer". 

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