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 Factory Stock Rules.


The following specifications have been prepared by Five Mile Point Speedway as guidelines for the construction of a Factory Stock car. In conjunction, no warranty of safety is expressed or implied as a result of this publication of rules. These rules are intended as a guide and are in no way a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others. Anything not covered by these specifications should be approved by the various track officials and be placed in writing. Continuous developments in auto racing and technology may necessitate changes in these specifications. However, it is our intent to enforce and police these rules throughout the 2017 season. This division is intended to be an economical form of auto racing with the emphasis on racing and participant enjoyment.

Rules for the Stockcar class are as follows:

Must have a full six (6) point roll cage with all safety equipment, five (5) point racing harness and aluminum racing seat. Car must be safely built with a front and rear firewall.

All cars must have front and rear tow hooks installed.

Stock appearing body with steel roof with stock appearing front nose & rear tail sections attached.

One nerf bar per side tight to body allowed.​​

Stock Factory Chassis - No fully tube chassis - Must have a stock front stub.

Aftermarket front upper control arms allowed, lower arms must be stock and mount in stock location.

​Stock bore and stroke, No aluminum heads - One two (2) barrel carb no larger than a stock 4412.

​Carb must pass tech with track tech tools.

Engine cannot set any further back than the fuel pump to the "stock Crossmember" - No notching

​No aftermarket intake manifolds. Headers will be allowed, exhaust must exit behind driver.

Automatic transmission with working converter or standard transmission with full SFI bellhousing

No aluminum flywheels, No Bert, No Falcon, No Brinn transmissions allowed.

Non-adjustable 4 link rear ends allowed - Ford 9" floaters allowed, No 3 link or torque arm suspensions allowed. Brakes must work, one shock per wheel - No coil overs.

​Fuel cells mandatory, must have the foam inserts and roll over valve - 22 gal. max.

May use any size tires up to 235/75/15 DOT road tires. No bigger tires allowed. No Racing Tires -

No Snow Tires, No Truck Tires, No Re-Caps, No Beadlocks - Street legal tread only - Grooving allowed.

​Max. 8" steel wheels with any backspace. Weight 3000lb.s min.

Rule Adjustments Will Be Made Throughout The Season "If Needed"

Please read all the safety and procedural rules as well as the General Track Rules Section as they do apply to you.


1.       Roll cage must use 1-1/2 by .095 wall minimum tubing.

2.       The cage must be welded to the frame of the car, extend at least two inches above driver’s head and include 3 bars on the driver’s side, 2 bars on the right side, a bar connecting the from post immediately above or below the steering column, and rear supports from the back top of the cage to the rear frame of the cage behind the rear axle.

3.       All bars near the driver must be covered with padding.

4.       Also must have 1” bar down center of windshield.


1.       Nerf bars are optional between front and rear tires.

2.       One pipe only.

3.       Must be tight to body and securely fastened on both ends to behind rear tire.

4.       Nerf bar must attach to frame and bumper. No sharp edges allowed.


1.       Car must be in neat appearance, body damage must be repaired, and hood and trunk must be removable for inspection.

2.       Interior must be gutted and free of all cloth and sharp edges.

3.       All doors must be welded, chained or bolted shut.

4.       Headlight and taillight holes must be covered with metal.

5.       All cars should be neatly painted w/ numbers painted 18" high on sides and 24" high on roof, and all numbers to be 3" thick.


1.       All glass and chrome will be removed.

2.       Cars must have full screen in place of windshield (must be made of 1 1/2inch square wire screen or heavy gauge).  

SEATBELTS: (please refer to General Track Rules for specifics on all safety equipment).

1.       Shoulder harnesses are mandatory at all times and must be tight. Shoulder harnesses must be securely fastened to the frame of the cage and not to the floorboards or sheet metal components of the car.

2.       All mounts should be in direct line with the directional pull.

3.       Bolts may not be inserted through belt webbing for mounting.

4.       It is mandatory that you have a quick release, five point racing harness. Crotch belts are mandatory.

5.       Arm restraints recommended. 

SAFETY EQUIPMENT: (please refer to track General Track Rules for specifics on all safety equipment).

1.       Rules apply at all times car is on track. Snell-rated SA2000, SA2005 or SA2010 helmet required.

2.       Roll bar padding required in driver compartment (Fire retardant mandatory).

3.       SFI-approved full fire suit required.

4.       Fire retardant gloves and neck brace (or head and neck restraint) required.

5.       Right and left seat head supports required if using head restraint system with no neck collar. Mandatory: Fire retardant head sock. Fire retardant underwear is recommended.

6.       Window net mandatory.


1.       If the battery is mounted in the driver’s compartment it must be securely mounted and covered in a manner that will not allow it to leak or dislodge in an accident.


1.       Approved fuel cell required must be fastened in the trunk of car to the frame of cage.

2.       If fuel lines are run through inside of car must be inside of conduit and protected from driver.

FUEL:                                    1.         Gasoline Fuel only, no alcohol or other fuels allowed.

MUFFLERS:                        1.         Mufflers are recommended on all cars.         

BRAKES:                              1.         Cars must have four wheel working brakes.

FIREWALLS:                      1.         Front and rear firewall and rear window shelf must be sealed off from drivers compartment with at least 20 gauge steel, no holes.

All cars are subject to random inspection at any time and must be free of mechanical defects and in safe running order. NO PROTEST are permitted!

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