Saturday, April 27th.

Racing Begins at 6 p.m. 
Saturday, April 27th.

Racing Begins at 6 p.m. 

Five Mile Point Speedway

Modified Summer Slam Round 3 - Sunday, July 15th


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Sunday Summer Slam Modified Race 3 General Info. – Sunday, July 15th…

25 weekly show up points awarded…

 30 green-flag laps (cautions do not count)

 $2,000 to win - min. $150 to start…

 $20 Gamblers Program will be split between top finisher and randomly drawn driver. (Not Mandatory)

 Draw for heat-race starting spots – heats will have 8 or less cars so teams can race to the front…

 Redraw of top heat finishers for the feature (will be posted on race day) - Heats & Consolations - tba

 Gasoline or methanol permitted

Sail Panels PERMITTED weekly - conventional body rules based on 2004 DIRT standard.  Two sail panels permitted - 68 inches maximum height from the ground. Must be even from side to side.

- Tires: American Racer RR 48 min. LR 44 min. 33 or harder on the front. NO TIRE STAMP REQUIRED!

 Standard chassis, body and safety specs per 2004 DIRTcar rules

Big-blocks (over 361 c.i.): 2,500 lbs. Small-blocks (max. 361 c.i.): 2,400 lbs.

NO wheel covers may be held on by dzeus buttons or similar type fasteners. Only wheel covers that are bolted to the beadlock directly or are part of the beadlock will be permitted. No plastic wheel covers will be permitted. Foam inserts are permitted.

 Entry fee: $15 (all money collected in entry fee will go to positions 2nd through 10 in final Summer Slam Points. You can track the entry money to be paid out simply by multiplying by the car count at each race!)

 A Free American Racer Tire will be given away to a randomly drawn driver at each Sunday Summer Slam event for Modifieds.

A Gamblers Bonus program will be posted.

- The top three finishing Open Sportsman (on 2 barrel carb.) will receive the following bonuses:

1st across the line - $150 – 2nd $125 – 3rd $100

For more information please phone 607-775-5555 or log on to


  • All teams are required to use fire proof face hoods, some type of neck collar or head restraint and fireproof racing gloves in addition to the standard fire suit and helmet requirements!
  • All teams are required to use a one-way radio monitor – radio frequency 454.000.