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71st Regular Season Underway.

For the teams the new start means, drawing for starting position the first three weeks and the beginning of the race season for many.

NYS and CDC guidelines in the grandstand area will be in place.  Please wear your masks and social distance. 

We look forward to seeing everyone back again at the speedway!


Modified General Rules – All Modifieds will weigh a minimum of 2,400 lbs. after each qualifier or feature. No additives are permitted on the scales. Sail panels are permitted but must match in size and be a pair. Maximum sail panel height of 65”. Traditional bodies are permitted. Tires are the following American Racer Compounds only – Fronts 33 or harder. Right Rear 48 only. Left Rear 44 only. Working one-way radios are required. Frequency 454.000.

Crate Sportsman General Rules – All above rules apply. Standard bodies only, no sail panels. Maximum 6.29 gear rule. Rules are based on GRIT Series rules.

Futures Sportsman General Rules – All above rules apply. Driver’s must run the track tire compound for Sportsman to be eligible for points. A driver may run another tire for one night if they are brand new to the division – no points will be tallied for that driver.

Factory Stock General Rules – Will follow the GRIT Factory Stock rules package.

Street Stock General Rules – Southern Tier Street Stock rules apply. American Racer Stocker Tire. Minimum weight 3,000 lbs.

600 Modified General Rules – Will follow Xcel rules with the exception of the American Racer Tire. No Yamaha 800 motors and no xcel sealed computers.

Front Wheel Drive Four Cylinder Expert – will be permitted to run racing wheels. They are not mandatory, the spring champion ran stock wheels!

Handicapping – All lineups will be conducted through a draw for position and re-draw format for the first three weeks of the season. Handicapping will then be in place from race event 4 onward. The Saturday, May 15th event is a brand new regular season of points. Everyone is starting at zero points in all classes.

Driving In Multiple Classes – Modified drivers are not allowed to drop down to a lower division weekly without forfeiting all Modified earned points. This includes all point races. A Modified driver may compete in one event in a lower division during a regular point season. A driver can move up to a higher division for one week without penalty. After one race that driver will lose all points in the lower division if they move up in class. A $50 fee is required to run in multiple classes. THE SAME CAR CANNOT RUN IN MULTIPLE CLASSES ON THE SAME NIGHT.

All Classes – Fire proof gloves, fire proof face hood and some type of neck restraint system or collar are mandatory along with the industry standard for fire suits and helmets. Helmets must be full face, no open helmets.

Pit Participant Form – There is a ONE TIME mandatory Pit Participant Form to enter the pit area. This designation clarifies pit participants vs. spectators or any casual fan entering the pit area. This is a ONE TIME form and ONE TIME fee of $10 which is good for all events. There is no longer a track membership. All Pit Participant Cards are valid throughout the 2021 racing season. This includes all cards purchased in the spring.

Conduct – Any actions detrimental to the racing program or that may endanger another pit participant or spectator will result in no pay and a loss of points for that evening. Additional penalties will be assessed as needed. This includes speeding in the pits, abusive actions or any action that will takes away from the safety and enjoyment of the event for all involved.

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