Saturday, April 27th.

Racing Begins at 6 p.m. 
Saturday, April 27th.

Racing Begins at 6 p.m. 

Five Mile Point Speedway

Second Chance Redemption Draw For Drivers - Saturday, October 29th - Racing - 3 p.m.

Saturday, October 29th – “Redemption Draw” For Position…

As everyone is aware we rained out on Saturday, October 8th prior to practice and we have had a lot of questions regarding the draw and can new cars race and draw.  After great consideration, the Five Mile Point Speedway Management has come up with a great concept called “The Redemption Draw” which will give every driver in all classes a shot for a new draw position and allow for the many new teams that were either enroute to the speedway that day or didn’t make it. 

The draw from Saturday, October 8th will stand – A new and separate draw will be conducted for new teams that come to the speedway on Sunday, October 23rd.  Teams that drew on Saturday, October 8th have the option to keep their draw from that day OR choose to draw again.  For example, if a driver drew poorly on October 8th they can go in to the new draw.  Once they draw again they automatically give up their draw from October 8th no matter what the new draw is. 

We will dedicate extra heats (likely 2) for the drivers that choose to re-draw or for new teams in attendance.  This will provide teams that either drew badly or that are new still a chance at a pole position in the extra heat races.  Any team that was on hand 10/8 can keep their current draw spot or draw again.  This is a second chance drawing.  If you keep your spot from 10/8 any new cars or redraw cars will go behind those that keep their numbers in the first 4 heats.  The teams that have already drawn will be split up among 4 heat races.  New heats will be heats 5 and 6. 

This option will exist for every division that was on the schedule back on October 8th.  In the Sportsman class we will add the fifth and sixth heat race depending on new car count which will see the best five draw numbers from the new “Redemption Draw” starting in positions one through five in each of the added heats.  A number of teams that were in attendance on October 8th will not be able to return on October 23rd.  The current pole sitters after the October 8th draw are 1st Heat – Randy Fox / 2nd Heat – Mike Austin / 3rd Heat – Claude Hutchings, Jr. / 4th Heat – Ray Woodall / 5th Heat – To be Drawn / 6th Heat – To be Drawn.

Remember this is an optional drawing for teams that were already in attendance and want to “roll the dice” to get a better draw spot.  This new draw is also for all new teams in attendance on October 23rd.  We feel this is a great way to be fair to the teams that already made the tow and investment to try and better their spot IF they choose and still providing a fair opportunity for new teams.  Below is how the Sportsman draw currently exists from October 8th.


1.       Randy Fox                    -957

2.       Mike Austin                 -9

3.       Claude Hutchings, Jr.  -84jr

4.       Ray Woodall                -72sr

5.       Brad Roberts               -14

6.       Steve Davis                  -13

7.       Hunter Bates               -9B

8.       Jerry Tonti                   -82j

9.       Philip Goetschius         -2

10.   Craig Whitmoyer        -99

11.   Brandon Grosso          -32

12.   Jim Housworth            -72

13.   Aaron Shelton             -391

14.   Kenny  Bock                -6

15.   Butch Klinger              -9k

16.   Matt Stangle               -6

17.   Michael Coffey            -06

18.   Andrew Smith             -1

19.   Ryan Stone                  -67r

20.   Kevin Jordan                -22

21.   Kyle Rohner                 -1r

22.   Phil Vignieri                -494

23.   Matt Curry                  -47

24.   Joe Guasteffla             -53

 Current Heat 1 through 4 Lineups – Based on Oct. 8th Draw. 

Heat 1.

1.      Randy Fox                    /957

2.      Brad Roberts               /14

3.      Philip Goetschius         /2

4.      Aaron Shelton             /391

5.      Michael Coffey            /06

6.      Kyle Rohner                 /1R

 Heat 2.

1.      Mike Austin                 /9

2.      Steve Davis                 /13

3.      Craig Whitmoyer        /99

4.      Kenny Bock                 /6

5.      Andrew Smith             /1

6.      Phil Vignieri                /494

 Heat 3.

1.      Claude Hutchings, Jr.  /84jr.

2.      Hunter Bates               /9b

3.      Brandon Grosso          /32

4.      Butch Klinger              /9k

5.      Ryan Stone                  /67r

6.      Matt Curry                  /47

Heat 4.

1.      Ray Woodall                /72

2.      Jerry Tonti                   /82j

3.      Jim Housworth            /72

4.      Matt Stangle               /6

5.      Kevin Jordan               /22

6.      Joe Guasteffla             /53

 Heat 5.

            To be determined via draw

Heat 6.

            To be determined via draw

 For a driver that may be scheduled to start 5th or 6th in their current heat race taking the “Redemption Draw” may be worth the gamble.  They could draw better and start further up or draw worse and have to start further back.  Obviously the current pole setters would not want to use the “Redemption Draw” on October 23rd.