Saturday, April 27th.

Racing Begins at 6 p.m. 
Saturday, April 27th.

Racing Begins at 6 p.m. 

Five Mile Point Speedway

Sunday, October 23rd - Order of Events, Pricing and Raincheck Information Below...

Saturday, November 5th - Order tba
General Sportsman Rules Below...

Sunday, October 23rd

Racing Begins at 3 p.m.

Xcel 600 Modifieds Added...

FACTORY STOCK FEATURE LINEUP FROM 10/7 (race to be run on 10/23 -no new cars can be added as the field is set):  Kevin Garland, Charlie Towner, Jason Rinker, Buck Bills Jr., Jeremy Williams, Kevin Skelly, Chuck Culbertson, Bobby Hall Jr., Jason Neyra, Grayson Albansese, Ralph Cuozzo, 11 L, Josh Towner, Jason Travis, Todd Sutliff, Chris Groover, Stan Mathews, Buck Mills Sr., Justin Hall. 

FOUR CYLINDER FEATURE LINEUP FROM 10/7 (race to be run on 10/23 – no new cars can be added as the field is set):  Brandon Clapperton, Nick Kennedy, Chuck Powelczyk, Andy Brigham, Dave Schafer, Burt Reynolds, Nick Griest, Tim Bush, Klem Underwood, Dennis Kessler, Rob Loucks, Sam Curcie, Bob Crandall, Travis Hayes, Frank Kennedy, Dave Simms, Kyle Rogers, Sheldon Whitman, Josh Wilder, Chris Bonofski, Dave Bainbridge, Clint Kadaronak, Frank Smith, Rick Lunn, Don Doster, Randy Lane, James Shields.

Sunday, October 23rd – Order of Events & Pricing

12:00 p.m.       Pit Gates Open

1:00 p.m.         Grandstand Gates Open

2:00 p.m.         Practice in the following order:  Sportsman, IMCA Modifieds, Factory Stocks, 4 Cylinders, Xcel 600 Mods, Street Stocks, Slingshots.

3:00 p.m.         HELDOVER FOUR CYLINDER FEATURE (from 8/7) – (18 laps)

     HELDOVER FACTORY STOCK FEATURE (from 8/7)– (15 laps)

            Sportsman Heats – (8 laps)

                        IMCA Modified Heats (8 laps)

                        4 Cylinder Heats (6 laps)

                        Street Stock Heats (8 laps)

                        Xcel 600 Modified Heats (8 laps)

                        Slingshot Heats (6 laps)

                        Factory Stock Heats (6 laps)

                        Consolations as needed (tba)

                        IMCA Modified Feature (20 laps)

       American Racer Cup Sportsman Champions Dash (15 laps).

                        Xcel 600 Modified Feature (20 laps).

                        Slingshot Feature (20 laps)

                        Factory Stock Feature (15 laps)

                        Street Stock Feature (20 laps)

                        4 Cylinder Feature (20 laps)

                        American Racer Cup (30 laps)

Grandstand Admission:  Adults $15; Senior (ages 65 and older):  $12 – Students (ages 13 – 17):  ONLY $5; Kids 12 and younger:  FREE - Pit Admission:  $35

The Amazing Family Five Pack Deal – two Adult tickets, three Senior/Students tickets, five hot dogs and five sodas - $35


For more information please phone the Five Mile Point Speedway offices at 607-775-5555 or log on to  Email – [email protected]


Rainchecks and pit wrist bands from 10/8 will be honored on Sunday, October 23rd. 

New teams can race on 10/23 the heat lineups were not set. 

The held over features for Factory Stocks and Four Cylinders from 10/7 will not allow for new cars.  Those feature lineups are set. 


We will be racing Slingshots on November 5th as well as October 23rd. 

Refunds – If you are unable to attend the Sunday, October 23rd rescheduled date we will send a refund but must have the following:

1.      Mail your wristbands and please write down the names on a piece of paper of those that signed in so they can be found on the pit sign – in sheets. 

2.      Please write down who the refund check should be made out to.

3.      Refunds will be mailed on Wednesday, October 25th after the completion of the event so that we can properly track refunds vs. those that returned to race on that day. 

4.      Mail your wristbands to:  Five Mile Point Speedway – P.O. Box 54 – Kirkwood, NY  13795. 

5.      There are two ways to contact us directly – email:  [email protected] – phone:  607-775-5555.


Thank you!


For more information please phone the Five Mile Point Speedway offices at 607-775-5555 or log on to

Email – [email protected]

Great Crate Race General Race Info – Saturday, November 5th…

602 Crate Sportsman - 66 Laps

 66 green-flag laps (cautions do not count)

 $3,000 to the winner

 $125 to take the green

 Redraw of top heat finishers for the feature (will be posted on race day)

 Heats & Consolations - 8 laps (no more than 8 cars will be in each heat race).

 Gasoline only

 Any 13- by 92-inch American Racer OR Hoosier MODIFIED Tire (may mix or match)


 Standard chassis, body and safety specs based on 2004 DIRT rulebook – No sail panels.

 Crate 602 Sportsman (aluminum wheels): 2,400 lbs.

 Crate 602 Sportsman (steel wheels): 2,300 lbs.

 Rev chip NOT required for 602 Sportsman – No gear rule.

NO wheel covers may be held on by dzeus buttons or similar type fasteners. Only wheel covers that are bolted to the beadlock directly or are part of the beadlock will be permitted. No plastic wheel covers will be permitted. Foam inserts are permitted.

- Any Header permitted – Stepped or tri – y headers add 25 lbs. to above weight total.

- Motor must have original GM or DIRTcar Seal.  IF this isn’t the case the motor will be torn down so plan on it. 

- No locked distributors. 

- Enclosed (boxed) air cleaners permitted.

- Unaltered 650 carburetor.  Will be checked with “no-go gauges”.

- Early Entry Fee:  $20 prior to October 31st, 2016 - $25 after October 31st.

- Driver bonus lap money is being collected, please notify speedway if you know someone that    would like to sponsor a lap…



email:  [email protected]

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